Yes, any household, whether you are an owner or renter, can join our voluntary Neighborhood Association. The more people that are involved, the better our neighborhood becomes!

Our area is within the bounds of our Southern/Eastern border stretching from Homer St to just North of Overture Way along Keller Springs Rd ending at the business park, our Northern border is along Jackson Rd from Jeanette Way heading West to the alleryway just East of Tecumseh Trace, and our West border zig-zagging South through the alleyway from Jackson Rd down to the alley running West along Jeanette Way before heading South again before reaching William Ln and joining up to Homer St.

We are a voluntary Neighborhood Association, there is a legal difference between a Homeowners Association (HOA) and a Neighborhood Association (NA). HOAs are mandatory. Primarily our goal is to keep the neighborhood looking nice to maintain or improve property values, but to also foster neighborly relationships to strengthen our bonds through community activities like Dinner with Friends or the block parties held throughout the year.

We do not have an enforcement policy since we are a voluntary association. If there is a dispute between neighbors, we ask that you handle them civilly and in a communicative manner. Most issues can be resolved by simply talking to each other calmy.

Yes, of course. We would ask that if you aren’t a member already, please take a moment to join as that little bit helps support the neighborhood activities. But we have had people from outside our neighborhood show up to activities we have held in the past and welcome anyone to join.